Sport global vision and strategy specialist in long-term projects. I am meticulous in methods and fully committed to athletes; two heads are stronger than one.
More than 10 years of international experience in sailing and windsurfing, coaching in more than 10 World Championships: 2 golds and 1 silver.
Coach of Team USA for the Youth Olympic Games - Nanjing, China. 2014.
Technician for long distance challenges: triathlon.

- Triathlon
- Sailing and windsurfing
- Industrial Engineer
- Master in Sport Management




Unlimited contact.
Training management.
Skills improvement.



Private training.
Groups training.
Training camps.



FTP Power test.
Swimming CSS.
Run paces.



1 session/week in Mataró.
Video analysis.
Ask for the calendar.



  • First steps.
  • Development.
  • High performance speciality.
  • Long distance trainings.


  • Support to active clubs.
  • Season or single trainings.
  • Enhance your club athletes motivation.


Oriol Gili method is based in a stated mission, vision and values:

  • MISSION: Apply structured training for continuous improvement of sport results.
  • VISION: Guide the athlete during all sport path, from junior, development, high performance and maintenance as sport health.
  • VALUES: Consistency, effort, organization and results orientation.

Success is the sum of small efforts


  1. ONLINE TRAINING: I like to call it “online management” as the tracing is much more than sending training plans. All the athletes need goal setting, improvement tools and evaluation reports constantly. Dynamic work that gets more specific over the timeline.
  2. ON-SITE TRAINING: Packages of 1-5-10 sessions that can be distributed with total flexibility. Focus your coach in your weaknesses.

It is necessary to contact with the form provided to establish the magnitude of the athlete plan.

ONLINE TRAININGS: The design is based on the weeks needed to achieve the goals, or season planning. More or less, to have an idea, prices start from 50€ for basic plans and increase for triathlon depending on the dedication that the athlete will need, with an average of 100€/monthly.

ON-SITE TRAININGS: The base rate is 50€/h, although the athletes with an online management or season persons have an important reduction on the price.

Contact without obligation, because every athlete has individual needs and both parts have to know if are following the same direction. Here are some ways of getting discounts on the rates:

  • Discount for long-term season, without ending date.
  • Discount for bonus time: the more weeks, more discount.
  • Discount pre-season: watch out in November, new athletes offer.
  • Discount for several on-site trainings.
  • Discount for groups: friends pursuing the same goals that follow exactly the same training plan.

  • Weekly training plan, synchronized documents in a cloud.
  • Trainings based in feeling, HR and watts.
  • Technique exercises in the on-site trainings.
  • Tracking of fatigue, GPS watch website and weight.
  • Free re-editing weekly plan.
  • Unlimited communication.
  • Masterplan dynamic and cycle planning.
  • Super summary of paces, HR, watts and swimming speed chart.
  • Tests included: thresholds, paces, FTP power, maximum strength, etc…
  • Racing plan: strategy and fueling.
  • Video support and mechanic doubts.

entrenador_4entrenador_3entrenador_1entrenador 2

Every person can perform a test using the on-site athlete tickets, for example:

  • Swimming – CSS test.
  • Swimming – Efficiency test.
  • Swimming – Biomechanics.
  • Cycling – FTP test.
  • Cycling – Aerotest, CdA.
  • Cycling – Ramp test.
  • Running – Paces vs HR.

For all the sports, video technique analysis.

Note that many of those tests need a tracking during the process or during the season, some of them can’t be performed in just one session.

A direct drive cycling trainer with power meter is available for the cycling tests.

Fuji P3 collage


Vitoria CdA Uri

It is possible to run some tests ONLINE, although always is recommended to have the coach on-site, unfortunately sometimes is not possible because of the distance. Use the contact form to get more information about each online test conditions, that include:

  • Test protocol and correct execution advice.
  • Data and video analysis.
  • Results assessment and practical application on the day to day trainings.

The chart shows the prices for each test: online price or on-site tickets needed.

The Aerofit test includes the original position analysis and 2 variations. The thirds and following changes: +20€. Each bike runs a separate test.

I never did a triathlon training

Don’t worry, we have a plan for that! I recommend to start with an athletics training with functional strength before moving to the swimming and cycling part. Lets enjoy the process!

It is expensive?

It is more expensive than a non-certified or non-professional coach, but you will get the benefits of the know-how, experience, an active professional with formation and technical advice. It will save you time too!

Straighten a bended tree is way more difficult than doing the things right from the first moment. Put yourself in good hands, trust in certified professionals.

Can you coach groups regularly?

Yes I can! The group trainings have a different protocol because the number of athletes is bigger, also the levels are spread and the goals set of each individual in that group are different. This is why that each group is customized depending on how many times per week they want to train and the need of setting group goals. The pricing is adjusted depending on how much preparation and analysis time needs the coach before and after each training, specially if the group decides to follow a video analysis development for the trainings.

As you can see the system differs from private trainings, where I use to work up to 3 athletes and I can dedicate full attention, method and feedback to each of them because of a reduced number.

Do you plan diets?

My mission is to assess, create good habits and eating routines. The majority of athletes that I coach, following those basic steps have done a big move. 

For specific diets I will recommend you an specialist. 

What happens if I get injured?

We the athletes, are all exposed to injuries, even when the things seem to run smooth and you are doing correctly the rests, nutrition and functional strength workouts. Sometimes a certain injury comes from the past and we know how to treat it, but sometimes don’t and we have to visit the doctor, get a diagnosis, maybe some rest.

The options are:

  • Continue the training of other sports that are not affected by the injury.
  • Pause the training plan until full recovery.
  • Cancel the trainings*.

When cancelling the trainings, long-time discounts are restarted.

How long does it take to notice results?

The results depend on the time and effort made in the process. There is nothing else we can do than following the natural line. Keep working hard and results will come!

Also there are up and downs, as athletes we learn to deal with that. Think in world class athletes that they win the World Championship a year and the next year they don’t make it to the final. Everyone trains so hard that there is a fine line between succeed and defeat.  

Does online training works?

Yes it does because the contact with the coach is very close. But unless your agenda is super tight, I recommend to perform some trainings in group and work on-site with the coach from time to time.