My name is Oriol, from Barcelona and I am involved in different ways in the sports world. As a coach, I help athletes of different specialities to achieve their challenges. On the other hand, I like to apply the technology to the sports and also support federations, clubs or personal brands with the business management.

In my spare time, I enjoy training for triathlon races, where I pretend to improve my personal best of 8:54h in Ironman distance. Besides, traveling is my other hobby.


Senior Industrial Engineer (UPC).

Master in Sport Management (Cruyff Institute).

Yacht Master (60ft boats).

Certified coach of: triathlon, sailing, windsurfing.

Development of athletes U18 and U23.

High Performance: 2 golds and 1 silver medals at Worlds.

Responsible and developer of federative programs.

Campaigns with more than 6 international federations.


My multi-skilled profile in the sports was the main motivation to create a personal brand, where I can gather all my skills and make them available to businesses and athletes:

  • MISSION: Start-up and development of sports projects with companies and athletes, applying training resources, technical engineering analysis and management tools.
  • VISION: Being part of the sports professionals that are involved in coaching, events management, facilities and clubs.
  • VALUES: commitment, efficiency, excellence, organization and success.


The sport businesses and athletes have a strong defined goals. From the first moment, I become fully involved with the cause.


The material resources, budget and time are limited. It is about making the most of these three factors.


Every project is unique and requires the care of professional hands, which can adapt to the personal needs. The quality delivered is way over the average of the sector.


With the engineering skills and experience in high performance sport, before making a move I study and simulate all the possibilities. A strategy is set.


We put all the efforts in the projects, this is how we succeed.

¿Can I help you?

I invite you to explore my primary areas of actuation in the sports sector:


When seeking a coach, require the certification. Some coaches have an official education by their government, others have done private courses. The final choice is on you, but at least make sure that you don’t hire a “YouTuber”.


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