Barcelona “Headquarters”

Our main location is Mataró, a ride of 25 min from Barcelona. Well communicated with Barcelona and Girona airports, high-speed train and local train.

Besides the good connections, services and Barcelona charm, the training venue is great in terms of weather, temperature, swimming pools and cycling roads. That’s why many PROcyclists live in the area.

Choose us for your triathlon camp in Barcelona, anytime during the year. We offer 1-on-1 and visiting groups trainings, arranging details as rental bike, transfers and housing.

The training program is custom designed. Some athletes visit us individually for full-time training, while others come in groups looking also for amenities and social time.


This schedule was followed by a group that came here intensively for 3 days and their goal was the Ironman 70.3 Barcelona preparation.

To make you a proposal, firstly we need to know more about your trip goals. Please, fill the form to get a proposal.




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Mataró is located in between Girona and Barcelona airports.

In some occasion, a group had prefer to stay in Calella (Ironman) or Banyoles (Girona). We can set it!

Mapa training camp Barcelona

The final day of a training camp in our headquarters.

Amenities after training, an exclusive SPA at just 5 min walk from the hotel. One session included!


The 70:3 bike course will satisfy the athletes seeking variability on the bike leg. We will ride through the secondary roads of the area, climbing a total of 3 mountains:

  • Collsacreu is a 2nd category with its stronger part at the last 3 kms, with ramps up to 9,5%. But the race course starts the climb at Sant Pol de Mar, which means 12 kms of ascent at a moderate inclination. The stronger cyclists will use the time trial bike with the big chain ring at the beginning, to switch later to the small ring.
  • After Collsacreu we find a long steady descent (just 3-4 technical curves), until Sant Celoni, a town that signals the start of the second climb of the day up to “El Montseny”. It’s a total of 11 km with regular sections at 7-8% of average incline. Those who went too hard in Collsacreu will suffer a bit on here. In fact, you are doing the first part of a 1st category mountain.
  • The course goes up to half way of “El Montseny” climb, to start a technical descent with sharp curves (2-3 kms technical), and then a long easy descent to recover the average speed of the ride.
  • To conclude our climbing adventure, we face back Collsacreu from the other side, which is easier because we are starting from higher altitude. After that, enjoy your way back to Calella!!!

RACE 70:3 Run course

The race is a back and forth 2 loops course. Along the coastline and with a mix of compact sand and asphalt.

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