MIAMI Training camp

Plan a PRIVATE CAMP in our star sunny venue, Miami! Work through quality trainings with a certified coach. Miami is the place to mix our trainings with tourism and enjoy its many amenities after training. Do you have a group? Let us organize your camp in Miami!

We also have a parallel venue in Clermont, at the NTC. Write us if you prefer to train in the facilities that PROs use!

This camp is only for private groups.


Training camp BENEFITS:

  • Trainings based on technique: lots of videos will be taken and analyzed.
  • Swimming sessions: making emphasis to correct pacing, critical speed application, stroke efficiency and kicking technique.
  • Cycling sessions: suitable for all levels with rides of 2h maximum to ensure technique training, intervals and keeping energy for the rest of the sessions. Those athletes training for long distance will have the option to expand the cycling routes to 4h.
  • Running sessions: understand well how a fartlek needs to be done. We will be visiting the track in one session.
  • Briefings and technical talks: each session counts with a briefing and has goals. The technical talks have a close relation with the exercises done during the training part.
  • NTC performance tests: the facility offers the possibility to test your performance using indicators that are hard to get in regular trainings, as VO2-max test, lactate, GAIT analysis and RETUL bike fitting. Contact if you are interested to add this extra service, because a previous arrangement needs to be done with the center.

MIAMI 1-on-1 option:  Arrange 1-on-1 trainings to get the full attention of the coach. Using video techniques you will improve faster! What can we do?

  • Private trainings of swimming, cycling and running. Focused on pacing, video analysis and technique correction.
  • Tests: Aerofit, power tests, stroke technique, etc…
  • Advice on your general training program. Set up of an online triathlon training plan.

I wish to receive a PDF document that explains all details:

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Interested in:            Number of athletes:            Companions that need hotel:

Airport transfer:            Rental bike:            ¿Do you have accidents insurance?



PRICE: Please, fill the form so we can estimate the costs of your activity and make a proposal.

Cool video from Diana Campagna about her race Escape to Miami. That’s exactly how it feels racing in Miami!

The clay loop and surroundings in Clermont, is famous for the quality of the trail for running. No cars, soft terrain and some short hills to work the fartleks properly.

Miami life resume, for those who might not know Miami still… but you will XD




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